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The Open Passage Expedition successfully sailed through the infamous Northwest Passage during the summer of 2009. The crew not only succeeded in a sailing through some of the most dangerous waters in the world, but they also learned more about the people and the land in the far North.

The New Northwest Passage: A Voyage to the Front Line of Climate Change, is published by Great Plains Publications of Winnipeg. It is available at bookstores across Canada and on An ebook version will be released in Summer, 2012, with an interactive iPad app due for release by Christmas 2012. The documentary film, by the same name, is entered in festivals around the world.

The Arctic is garnering global attention today because climate change is causing its sea ice to melt at a rapid pace, affecting the region’s communities and the wildlife they rely on for food and livelihood. This was the story that the crew of the Silent Sound wanted to learn more about when they set off from Victoria, BC. Four months and four days later, the Silent Sound docked in Halifax, on the opposite side of Canada, with a tale to tell.

With only four crew and the ticking clock of Arctic sea ice setting the pace, the Silent Sound sailed 8,000 nautical miles, or 15,000 kilometres, over the top of North America. From Victoria the expedition went north across the Gulf of Alaska and Bering Sea before entering the Arctic and turning east. Throughout the summer the boat slowly wound her way between the ice floes to visit communities such as Tuktoyaktuk, Sachs Harbour, Cambridge Bay and Pond Inlet in the Canadian Arctic. In each port the team listened to the stories of people’s lives and how they are being changed by the Arctic’s shifting climate, politics and economic fortunes.

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