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Sailing crew
Cameron Dueck
is the leader of the expedition and captain of the Silent Sound. His journalism career has spanned the globe, from North America to Europe and Asia, with regular escapes to sea to satisfy his passion for offshore ocean sailing. In 2004 he quit his reporting job in Singapore to boat-hop his way west, ending up in the Caribbean nearly a year later with skippering certificates in hand and tales to tell. Returning to his native Canada to do this expedition is a dream come true as it finally combines his writing career and his passion for sailing, although in his dreams he always sailed in warm waters with a parrot on his shoulder. Cameron lives in Hong Kong, where he spends his weekends crewing aboard the classic IOR yacht Authority.

Hanns Bergmann is the first mate of Silent Sound. Born in Hamburg, Hanns grew up sailing on the German coast and served in the German navy. He has worked as a skipper and instructor on sailing yachts in all waters from St. Lucia to St. Petersburg, and Sicily to Svalbard. Hanns studied political science and languages in Germany, France, and Russia. His main teaching and research interest lay in cross cultural exchange, and he has been involved with film festivals, art exhibitions and scientific conferences. Exploring the Northwest Passage and the Inuits' lives means Hanns is able to splice his own two lives - scholarship and sailing - into one.

Dr. Tobias Neuberger is the expedition doctor and sailing crew. Having already practiced medicine in South Africa's township hospitals and managed a cosmetics company in Turkey and China, Tobias now brings his skills to Arctic sailing. His unique career has seen him staging his own photo exhibition in a Cape Town hospital and sampling lipstick in Hong Kong shops in the name of market research. He is no stranger to outdoor adventure with a passion for hunting, ski touring, paragliding, scuba diving and running. Tobias is currently based in Germany and Turkey.

Drew Fellman is an American photographer and filmmaker who has worked extensively in Asia, Africa and the Middle East and joins the expedition to produce the video documentary and do some camerawork. Drew’s career began with a party picture of Fidel Castro and it has since taken him to the dustiest corners of Pakistan and up Mt. Kilimanjaro. He has delivered stunning images from some of the world’s harshest environments for publications including National Geographic Adventure and Double Take, and he has long harboured a fascination with the Northwest Passage. Drew is currently producing his first IMAX film and plans to make several trips to the Arctic to visit the crew during the expedition.

Shore crew
Dr. E.C. (Chris) Pielou is the scientific adviser to the team. A mathematical ecologist and a former Killam professor at Dalhousie University in Halifax, NS, Chris is the author of the popular book A Naturalist's Guide to the Arctic. She has made more than 20 Arctic trips in the past 30 years, some as the naturalist on eco-tourism trips, and over the years she has become a keen trekker, rafter and kayaker. She has also had the pleasure of being woken by the morning breath of a wolf outside her tent door. Chris has just completed her twelfth book, this one on the evergreen forests of Canada and how they are responding to climate change. She will be answering the team's questions and making suggestions for their research.

Tricia Schers is the expedition’s media relations manager. She has more than 12 years of communications and fundraising experience with government, health and NGO organisations. Her work has taken her from promoting the tourism appeal of a cold Canadian Prairie city to helping manage an AIDS programme in steamy Suriname. Tricia is currently the regional director of UNICEF for Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Tricia will manage the expedition’s interaction with the media from her base in Winnipeg, Canada as well as from on the ground at the expedition launch in Victoria.

Troy Dunkley is the expedition designer/webmaster and he will be in close contact with the Silent Sound crew during the expedition as he keeps the web site updated. Editorial design and an untiring search for the world’s best two minutes of music have taken him to newsrooms and clubs in the UK, Australia and Hong Kong, where he is currently Features Art Director at the South China Morning Post. He sailed dinghies in Australia as a teenager and now competes on the Hong Kong racing circuit as crew aboard the 43-foot Authority.

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